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Destination: Santa Catalina and Coiba Island

Literally at the end of the road, the tiny fishing village of Santa Catalina in the Veraguas Province of Panama sits near some of the best surfing spots in the country, and is the closest port to Isla de Coiba, Panama’s top diving and fishing destination.

A quiet fishing village in seclusion until discovered by surfers in the 1970s. Protecting their hidden world class surf, Santa Catalina was kept secret by the surfers for quite sometime. For years, only adventurous surfers visited Santa Catalina who made the long trip here on rough roads and slept in rustic rooms for the pleasure of riding La Punta, a right point break. The roads and accommodations have improved, while still keeping a rustic charm. For the moment, Santa Catalina remains a quiet beach town with little to offer other than ocean views through the palm fronds, friendly locals, cheap seafood, and amazing surf and diving. Surf Spots include Santa Catalina, Punta Brava, Punta Roca, La Puntica and El Estero.

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Destination: Portobelo and Isla Grande

Because of all the wealth that passed through the area of Portobelo, it became a favorite for pirates such as Captain Henry Morgan, Sir Francis Drake, and Admiral Edward Vernon of the British Empire. The last attack proved the vulnerability of the Spanish trading practices and devastated Portobelo’s economy, which did not rise again until the Panama Canal was build.

Now a days, Portobelo is a sleepy city with a population of less than 5,000. It has a deep natural harbor and has become an well known eco tourism and adventure tourism destination in Panama. In 1980 UNESCO declared the Portobelo and the nearby Fort of San Lorenzo a World Heritage Site.

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