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Destination: San Blas Archipelago or Guna Yala

The archipelago of San Blas offers two exciting experiences: the Caribbean islands of spectacular beauty and the opportunity to visit the villages of the Guna Indians to learn about their fascinating culture and way of life.

San Blas is a collection of some 365 islands (one for each day of the year) where you can swim and snorkel, dive, kayak or fish. The islands of San Blas have been formed by the accumulation of coral and are covered with palm trees and white sand beaches that are indescribable. Different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise water, dazzling underwater coral gardens, no wild animals and tropical climate make this the perfect escape from reality.

The impression on arrival is incredible, the feeling of having traveled back in time, the surprise of seeing how the Kuna Indians who inhabit this archipelago of San Blas have remained intact for centuries, their customs, their traditions and their simple lifestyle, it is difficult to imagine.

Hotels in the San Blas Archipelago:
•    Dad Ibe Island Lodge in Ailigandi
•    Sapibenega The Kuna Lodge in Playon Chico
•    Uaguinega Dolphin Island Lodge
•    Kuanidup Lodge
•    Yandup Island Lodge, Eco and Etnic Tourism
•    Coral Lodge Resort
•    Akwadup Lodge in Achutupo

Hostals in the San Blas Archipelago:
•    Hostal Carti Home Stay

Tours in the San Blas Archipelago:
•    San Blas (Kuna Yala) Day Trip

Sailboats and Charters:
•    Mandragore Trimaran Sailboat

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